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Recent news​

Derek just finished filming his third feature Psychotic State and is now editing which this project now has 17 celebrities attac hed to it. Also Derek's first film is out world wide on dvd and if you google Family Property Backwoods Killing Spree DVD you can find where to get your copy today. His second film is also now available and it is on Wal-Mart.com so go get it today. Finally if you would like to invest in any Derek Young project even as little as donating air miles then hit the link next to this message and contact him today.

Interested investors Psychotic State Psychotic State Facebook Psychotic State IMDB
Convention Appearances


Derek will be appearing at Kaleidoscope Con Nov.3rd-4th 2012. Where he will also be judging the short film competition. Appearances for 2013 to be announced so check back regularly.

Latest projects


Derek just recently finished acting in a feature titled The Itch by Kluckin FIlms. He will soon be shooting a scene for the film Deadlines by Roadkill Productions. He is also currently editing his third featur Psychotic State and seeking investors for his fourth feature film titled Josie.

Josie Deadlines
Follow Derek on Blog Talk Radio


Derek is also a podcast host and member of the Eric Morse Project. Next year the main name is changing to The Wolf Pack.  Derek is just one of the many hosts and hosts one of the four monthly shows. The show Derek hosts is titled Blood Bath Radio. In ordr to follow Derek's show as well as the other shows broadcatesd by his fellow podcasters just click the link below.

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